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But I Feel Okay....

For many, they feel that they cannot come to therapy unless they are in a "crisis" situation or feel incredibly mentally "unwell". They feel like a therapist visit is like an ER visit for your mind. This couldn't be further from the truth.

I'd speculate that around 75% of the folks that I see on a regular basis are NOT in a "crisis". Some of them may have started out that way, but I hear so often "I kept coming because I just feel better when I do". There's no particular goal or skill being mastered, there's just something about the act of attending that makes life feel more manageable and enjoyable.

And that's who I want to be for people. I'm happy to be your mind's ER doctor or surgeon or whatever else you want to call it, but I'd also love to be your mind's personal trainer. I'd love to help you get to the state you want to get to before you need to seek more intensive help. In fact, some of the best work I do is with folks who are in a generally good state in their lives and just want to learn better ways to cope or want to dive more deeply into their past to understand it better. It's folks who are doing "fine", but they know they could be doing better.

So, if you've ever thought about going to a therapist but didn't think you could because you weren't "bad enough", STOP IT!! There's no such thing as a threshold for suffering that you must surpass to be worthy of help.

Anyone who feels like their life, mentality, and mental wellness could improve is welcome in therapy. If you've ever wondered if therapy is for you, it is!

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