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Individual Therapy

Therapeutic sessions focused on one person and their identified struggles

One-on-one therapeutic sessions. Occasionally, you may want someone to join you in your individual sessions. This is perfectly fine. However, when I see an individual, they are my "identified client" and I cannot act as a family or couples' therapist while I see you. 

Most of the individual therapy I conduct is focused in my specialty areas- Trauma and Addiction. I also see folks individually for other mood disorders, personality disorders, and dual diagnosis. I primarily work with adults, but see some teens, particularly when one of my speciality areas is involved. 

TeleHealth is available and is covered by insurance in some instances. 

Couples/ Family Counseling

Counseling specifically designed for you along with a partner or family member

Couples/ Family counseling is designed for when you want to come in exclusively with your partner or family member to work on the dynamics of the relationship. In this setting, no one person is my "identified client", but the relationship takes that role. 


Certified License Supervisor for Associate Professional Counselors

I am a certified license supervisor for Professional Counselors. I provide supervision on an individual or triadic basis. I do not currently run a supervision group, but will be happy to discuss beginning one with sufficient interest.

Continuing Education

Provider of approved Continuing Education events required for license renewal

I provide continuing education on a variety of topics. Previously covered topics include Ethics and Vicarious Trauma, SUDs and Addiction, Trauma and Spirituality, Trauma-Informed Care, and more. For current CEU events- see "events" tab. 

I am also available for in-service CEU events at your location. Contact me for more information. 

Speaking Engagements

Education-based speaking on relevant 

topics in the community. 

I am available for speaking engagements at schools, churches, and other community gatherings to give general education on mental health concerns, addiction, trauma, vicarious trauma, and other topics.

Group Counseling

Groups of folks with a common topic or thread wherein 


with others may be helpful. 

I provide groups on a variety of topics. Past topics include trauma, addictions, women's issues, young adult/ life transitions, and more.


Currently, I am hosting a group on vicarious trauma designed for professionals in the mental health field. See "events" tab for more information.  

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