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My family is growing! 

I am excited to announce that my family is growing. However, because of this I will be going out on Maternity Leave towards the end of December and I am no longer accepting new clients. I plan to return to the office in the Spring and will update my website here when I am accepting new clients again. In the meantime, I have some wonderful colleagues to refer you to if you are looking for a therapist while I am away! 

  • Siegna Willis- Siegna shares my office space with me so if you are looking for someone in a similar location, it can't get any closer! She specializes in Women's Mental Health and works primarily in the evening. She doesn't currently take insurance, but is on her way to it and takes sliding scale fees in the meantime. 

  • Dakota Fidram- Dakota is located in Decatur, GA. He specializes with the LGBTQ+ community and also works with addiction. He does not currently take insurance, but does take self-pay clients. 

  • Debonee Morgan- Debonee is located in my same office space as well. She specializes with the LGBTQ+ community, Spirituality, and Addiction along with being a phenomenal couples' therapist. She accepts Aetna, Anthem (BCBS), Humana, and Cigna insurance along with self-pay clients. 

  • Melanie Storrusten- Melanie is another great therapist located in my office park. She specializes with the LGBTQ+ community and addictions. She also does yoga, meditation, and energy work. She accepts Anthem (BCBS) insurance and self-pay clients. 

Please also feel free to ask any of these folks for other referrals if you're struggling to find your fit. They are each great at what they do and you will be in wonderful hands. As always, be kind to and take care of yourself! 

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